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Published on May 31, 2012

Education Systems in Canada

In Canada each province is responsible for its own education systems. In general, there 
are three levels of education systems in Canada: (i) Kindergarten to Grade 8; (ii) Grade 9 
to Grade 12; and (iii) Post-Secondary education. Kindergarten may further be divided into 
Junior and Senior Kindergarten for four and five years old children, respectively. 
Grade 9 to 12 students are enrolled in a secondary school system, which is similar to a 
high school system in the U.S.A. Some cities and towns may have a junior high school 
system, which accommodates children from Grade 7 to Grade 9. In the Province of 
Ontario there is Grade 13, which is a required step for all students who want to attend a 
degree-granting university. This feature has been unique for Ontario, but the Province 
has decided to abolish it in order to be consistent with other provinces' secondary 
education systems. By Year 2003, when Grade 13 is completely abandoned, the number 
of students entering a university or college is expected to be almost double (called 
"double cohort"). 
Post-secondary education system in Canada includes universities, community colleges, 
university colleges, and other private institutions providing post-secondary education, 
such as skill training and continuing education. A university is a standing-alone, degree-
granting institution that offers certificates, diplomas, and Bachelor/Master/Ph.D. degrees. 
There are about 50 universities throughout the country, most of which are publicly 
funded institutions. Some of the most recognized universities include the University of 
Toronto, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and Queen's University. 
A community college offers a variety of programs for students who want to learn 
technical skills, skills that they can apply to the real world quickly. These programs are 
usually one or two years in length emphasizing hand-on experience in classroom setting. 
It grants certificates and diplomas and offers a variety of training courses for people who 
want to upgrade themselves with the current markets and new technologies. 
A university college, as the name implies, is somewhat in between a community college 
and a university. This type of institution is common in British Columbia, the most 
western province in Canada. It grants certificates and diplomas by itself. However, it is 
not able to grant university degrees alone, although it often offers all the courses 
required for a university degree. The curriculum for a degree program is usually 
designed in conjunction with a university, which actually grants degrees to the university 
college students.

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Study in Canada

With affordable tuition fees, quality institutions, post-study work and immigration options and welcoming people, it is no surprise that Canada is fast becoming a leading destination for international students.

Canada hosts more than 250,000 international students and has experienced a huge increase in demand from overseas students in recent years.

Canada is known for its natural beauty, clean cities and first-rate healthcare and public transport systems. Canada is generally safe, politically stable and orderly. Although known for a diversity of seasons and temperatures, and even some snow, some parts of Canada, specifically in British Columbia have very mild winters.

Traditionally a country of immigrants, Canadians are proud of their nation’s diversity, with one in three Canadians possessing an ethnic background other than British, French or indigenous.

Generally, as a student living in Canada  you can expect a peaceful, multicultural environment with people who are friendly and interested in learning about new cultures. As a bonus, Canada borders the US and offers easy access to travel experiences there.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Canada is among the top 10 wealthiest nations in the world. With its highly regarded education system, dedication to growth and expansion, and strong economic climate, Canada is an ideal location to study for a higher education degree.


Canada international(gujarati) student interview

Published on 3 Dec 2013

some really good things you better know before u come to Canada..

HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY - Canadian Universities

Published on Oct 25, 2013

HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY -- Canadian Universities -- Guests: Adam Lotesto, University of Toronto Recruitment Officer, and Alexander Leipziger, University of Toronto Class of 2007. Your connection to contemporary issues, people, and institutions involved in the world of higher education. HIGHER EDUCATION TODAY is produced by the University of the District of Columbia; host is educational consultant and author Steven Roy Goodman.

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Gender Gap in Tertiary Education

Key Messages

Ontario has the smallest gender gap among the Canadian provinces and is awarded a “B.”

The gender gap is most pronounced in the Western provinces, with Alberta earning a “D” and Saskatchewan a “D–” grade.

The gender gap varies by education level; women in Canada are much more likely to complete a tertiary education qualification, while men are more likely to have an apprenticeship or a PhD.

Published on Jun 4, 2013

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From the website: "ALISON is the world's leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills. ALISON provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning.... The mission of ALISON is to enable anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive, self-paced multimedia. It is our belief that through ALISON, the cost of access to high-quality education can be removed....Through the ALISON learning platform we can assist people around the world in educating themselves, thereby creating a more equitable and sustainable global society."
(For more reviews of great free training and education resources, visit The Best Free Training website, or watch the YouTube Tour here: ) -- Or visit Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING at

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Management Class Courses, Programmes and Services

MOOCs Supply and Demand

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have opened new doors for free online learning that lends itself well to ICT-related subjects. Meanwhile, employers seek candidates with relevant web skills. The Supply and Demand of MOOCs Infographic shows what skills are most in demand and what MOOCs are available that teach those skills, based on the results of a study conducted by the European Commission.

Top skills employers are looking for:

  • Web and app design
  • Domain-specific skills
  • Programming languages
  • Android
  • iOS

Top skills students want to learn:

  • Web design
  • HTML5
  • Android
  • Javascript
  • CSS


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Vocational Education and Training

Overview of Canadian Education

Canada has approximately 15,500 schools, and north of 200,000 international students from around the world, choose one of these schools to get their education.
The basic structures of Canadian education is generally 3 tiered — elementary, secondary, and postsecondary.

Success Story : Ankur Mahajan : Lester B.Pearson Vocational College : CSQ

Published on Aug 18, 2014


Ankur Mahajan from Gurdaspur ( Dina Nagar ) , Punjab Came to Canada on 14th August , 2012. Ankur Mahajan is a Mechanical Engineer from India. 

Ankur Mahajan joined Accounting Vocational Training program on 16th September , 2012 at Lester B.Pearson Vocational College in Montreal , Quebec. Lester B.Pearson Vocational College is a Public & Designated Learning Institution. 

Accounting Program at the Institution is eligible for 12 Immigration Points under Area of Training Criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The Program is also Eligible for Post Graduation Work permit. 

Ankur Mahajan applied for CSQ after half of the program . Ankur Mahajan have no Proficiancy of French Language . ( An Applicant can file CSQ even without French Language but Applicant should have enough points to Qualify without it. )

He got his CSQ - 13 Th August , 2014.( Once a Applicant have CSQ , applicant needs to undergo Police Clearance & Medicals & Apply for P.R. under QUEBEC SKILLED WORKER PROGRAM which is a default process afterwards )

He is now on his way for PERMANENT RESIDENT OF CANADA. 

We wish him best of luck for his Future & Success.

For more information , 

Suite #210 -7071 Airport Road
Mississauga , Ontario , L4T 4J3
Cell No. - 647-522-3540 . 647-296-1620
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