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Study in Turkey


Niagara Foundation Falls:

The Study Türkiye program brings together professors from different disciplines and universities to study the history, politics, religion, economics, and culture of Turkey. Every year a group of professors comes to the Niagara Foundation to learn about Turkey through lectures by experts. After the first workshop in February, there is an application to attend the trip to Turkey in June.

During the trip there are lectures in the morning and a pertinent sightseeing trip in the afternoon. The professors get to actually live the things that they teach. They get to see the Hagia Sofia after teaching art history for years, or understand Turkish politics after teaching that subject for years. After the trip, there are presentations from the participants on what they discovered on their trip.

The Niagara Foundation started the Study Türkiye program in order to give community college professors, who have limited resources, the opportunity to study overseas. Mevlut “Hilmi” Cinar, Vice President of the Niagara Foundation, said, “We started the program in 2011 as a pilot project and saw how well it worked. We wanted community college professors to be able to give their students with limited means the opportunity to understand international issues better.” The Niagara foundation believes in the transformational power of community colleges and their professors and is happy to provide this wonderful service to benefit students, professors and the State of Illinois. There are even plans to expand the Study Türkiye program to Niagara Foundation’s other Midwestern chapters in 2014.

Past participants such as Ken Sawyer, professor at McCormick Theological Seminary, had nothing but great things to say about the Study Türkiye program. Sawyer said, “I don’t know that there’s a better place for a church historian to be than in Turkey. I’m not sure that I could find a better program or traveling companions.” Emphasizing the need for continuing education for professors, Meaghan Callan, professor at Joliet Jr. College said that professors “also need to learn, and this was a very important opportunity to learn about a culture, places, people that we don’t get to meet everyday.”

Daniela Broderick, a colleague of Meaghan Callan at Joliet Jr. College, spoke about the multi-disciplinary approach that the Niagara Foundation took when planning the trip, “I think that anybody in any field can find something in Turkey that is going to be applicable to what they teach.”

The program consists of the following steps:
• Pre-trip: One Day Workshop in February
• Application Period: Deadline in April
• 9-day trip to Turkey in June
• Post-trip: Participant Presentations in November

The program is designed to assist faculty infuse their curricula and engage students in a better and through understanding of this nation that promises to play an increasingly pivotal role on the world scene. The combination of workshop learning, international travel, and follow-up presentations arms faculty with the tools to develop an engaging curriculum that deals with Turkey-related issues, such as Turkey’s political position in European and global contexts, women’s issues, Islam and religion in Turkey, economic affairs, arts, and architecture.

To Find out More about the Study Türkiye program, visit our website.

Vocational Studies in Turkey

Vocational Studies in Turkey:

Schools in Turkey open the doors of global world for you with their vocational study programs. You don't have to choose from the academic programs only, to be able to receive education in worldwide famous universities of Turkey. You can choose just the program you need, among thousands of certification programs which are exclusively structured for your career goals.

Universities in Turkey don't just offer academic programs. Thanks to their deep experience, these institutions provide target oriented certificate programs apart from academic education, which enable participants to develop themselves.

You can find a certificate program in Turkish Universities for almost everything, from advertisement to yoga. Therefore; you can experience Turkey and follow latest developments in your area of interest with less money and shorter time.

The professional education you'll receive in Turkey promises a successful career or an long reaching academic life for you.

Study in Turkey

A Turkish Culture Overview Fact File Official name – Republic of Turkey Population – 76, 805, 524* Languages – Turkish (official), Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek Currency – Turkish Lira (TRL) Capital City – Ankara GDP – purchasing power parity $906.5…

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ALISON: Transforming Global Online Learning

Published on 28 Oct 2013

2013 WISE Awards winner ALISON is transforming global online learning through its free interactive multimedia basic education and workplace skills training courses with certification. ALISON is a for-profit social enterprise and one of the world's most popular free learning websites providing over 500 courses to two million registered learners across every country. 

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Who Takes MOOCs Infographic

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, represent one of the most momentous and contentious changes to higher education in decades. But the debate over the free Internet classes has been a conspicuously fact-free zone. While techno-utopians tout MOOCs’ potential to topple barriers to college educations for disadvantaged people worldwide and skeptics warn of the downsides to automated instruction, neither side has been able to point to reliable data to support its claims.

So a team at the University of Pennsylvania decided to inject some empiricism into the discussion. Surveying people who have enrolled in a MOOC offered by the university and completed at least one full lecture, they collected nearly 35,000 responses from students hailing from around the world. From the survey results, a clear portrait emerges: as depicted in the Who Takes MOOCs Infographic, MOOCs, at least thus far, are serving the world’s haves more than its have-nots. A disproportionate number of MOOC students are already well-educated. Globally, they’re predominately male and currently employed; in this country, they’re also older than you might expect. Far more enrollees view them as a diversion than they do as a means to a college degree or a new job.


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