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Study in Mexico

Improve your fluency in the Spanish language while living and studying abroad with CIEE in Guanajuato, Mexico, a picturesque town of small plazas, colonial-era buildings featuring pastel-colored facades, and alleys that wind around steep hillsides. This conservative, provincial city of more than 130,000 offers students of the Universidad de Guanajuato—one of the top institutions of higher education in Mexico—a peaceful, yet lively, setting to live, study, and play. Whether you choose our two-week January Spanish Language program, our summer Spanish Language program, or our semester or year-long Liberal Arts program, study abroad in Guanajuato will add an international element to your studies in an intellectually rich and diverse environment.

The Mexican government has been left trying to find funds for graduate scholarships it offered. The amount of Mexican students studying abroad has increased in the past few years and it seems Mexican students are becoming more aware of the scholarships that are available to them from the government.

According to the Council of Science and Technology, only 30% of applications for the government backed scholarships are being met, despite the relatively low grants. This year grants stand at monthly payments of between MXN 5,400 pesos (£265) over 12 months and MXN 8,500 pesos (£417) over 36 months depending on the type of degree. Although the payments are low, the grants are becoming highly sought after, but as the demand continues to grow, government funds are running lower. Jorge Villega Rodriguez, director of the Council’s human resources and scientific innovation support, said “we are making more effort to offer more scholarships, but there aren’t enough funds to cope.”

It is thought that the demand for these scholarships has rocketed due to the ever increasing numbers of Mexicans studying abroad. Around 30,000 Mexican students are thought to be currently studying abroad and the latest available figures show an increase of 1,500 students each year.

The USA is still the number one destination for Mexican students but UK seems to be slipping down the list as students opt to study in mainland Europe instead. See the table below for the top five destinations and total number of students from Mexico studying internationally.

Destination - Number of Students

1 United States  4,606

2 Spain  2,880

3 France  1,836

4 Germany  1,482

5  United Kingdom  1,327

Source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics. (2011). Global Education Digest 2011. Montreal, Quebec: UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

The Council of Science and Technology is reviewing applications at the moment to determine which students best meet the prerequisites.

Get more information on scholarships in our detailed study abroad scholarship and funding section.

List of Universities in Mexico

Published on 14 May 2014

Everardo from Mexico, studying in Huddersfield - Education UK

Published on 19 Jul 2010

Everardo Gutierrez-Enriquez talks about his experience of living in the UK for the Education UK Shine! 2010 competition. 

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ALISON: Transforming Global Online Learning

Published on 28 Oct 2013

2013 WISE Awards winner ALISON is transforming global online learning through its free interactive multimedia basic education and workplace skills training courses with certification. ALISON is a for-profit social enterprise and one of the world's most popular free learning websites providing over 500 courses to two million registered learners across every country. 

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World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is an international, multi-sectoral and action-oriented platform for innovation in education that connects innovators, nurtures new ideas, and recognizes and supports successful initiatives that are helping revitalize education.

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Management Class Online Learning

What is Online Learning 1

Published on 23 Sep 2013

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Alison Pre-university Certificates and Diploma Courses

Published on 5 Feb 2013

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Starting a new course can be daunting as we can often doubt our ability and skills in learning. Fortunately, learning can be improved by the development of new personal study skills and practices. This free online course gives you the opportunity to understand how to learn effectively, teaches the fundamental skills necessary to improve your learning and performance and helps you to achieve both academic and personal success. The topics covered include key skills in learning, good academic practise and how to find information. You will also focus on developing your reading and thinking skills which are vital in any course of study. This course is ideal for preparing prospective students for life as a student and for life-long learners working in businesses and organisations.

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Between the popularity of sharing information online and the rising cost of traditional education, an increasing number of free learning alternatives are being offered. The Rise of Free Online Education Infographic analyzes the rise in online learning trends in response to the ongoing increase in tuition costs. More people are taking education into their own hands by seeking free alternatives online.

Glaring examples of dissatisfaction with tuition hikes include the enrollment increase in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and the rising usage of free educational resources online.


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