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Study in Italy

High Quality Education in a Friendly Environment

High Quality Education in a Friendly Environment

Italy is the center of the one-time Roman Empire, home to the Vatican City, the leaning tower of Pisa, fine cuisine, brilliant artistic history, an amazing cultural tradition, and much more.

Italy is an ideal location for your international education experience as it has such a variety of experiences. Join the growing number of students discovering that modern Italy is an exciting and complex place. The ancient merges with the modern in Italy and is evident on every street, especially in the major cities of Rome, Florence, Milan, and Venice. Well known for being a very social country, you will find cities with electric nightlife, with restaurants, bars, and clubs open until the early hours of the morning. Studying in Italy gives students access to some of the most influential art, architecture, and history in the world. The options for study abound.

The prolific nation of Italy is recognized worldwide for much more than pasta, pizza, and fine wine. In addition to the religious and cultural associations tied to Italy, some of the most widely read philosophers of all time resided there at one time or another. Notable esteemed thinkers include Machiavelli and Aquinas to mention just a few. Whether you spend a month or year in Italy, it will not take long to discover why this bold nation has had so much influence on the state of the Western World. 

International students can choose from a wide variety of universities, and many are top in their fields. La Sapienza University in Rome is rated among the top 100 in the world, its strength lying in social sciences and humanities. The Politechnico di Milano and University of Torino are two of the top engineering and applied sciences universities in Europe. Centuries-old universities including those in Bologna and Padova have a long tradition in legal studies, politics, and international affairs. Florence and Venice naturally are incomparable places to study art and art history. 

Italy’s universities guarantee a quality assurance in education. Italy is constantly working to improve Higher Education through reforms as part of the Bologna Declaration. Italy, in terms of both obligatory and Higher Education, has recently undergone a period of transition through which the basic structure of the state system, as a whole, has been overhauled. As a result the Italian education system is now in line with the rest of the European Union, and is also more flexible system which better and more broadly educates those choosing to study in Italy.

Italian universities offer state of the art infrastructure as well as an interesting and varied culture, with a body of students and faculty willing to share experiences and knowledge. The studying environment is balanced to ensure that cultural and academic learning goes hand in hand. This is the reason why after earning a Bachelor's Degree or Laurea, a high number of students go on to earn a Master's Degree or Laurea Specialistica

In addition to the Dolce Vita, Italy also offers sunshine and friendly people, but also more than 2000 years of culture and a language that sparkles with vitality. As a country that has most of us dreaming about living in such a place, it’s no surprise how many people are becoming acquainted with its traditions. Rome, Florence, and Bologna certainly are the favorites of the foreign students. Spend a summer, semester, or academic year studying abroad and you may just scratch the surface of what this timeless nation has to offer.

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Published on 25 Apr 2014

Promotional Video to Study Abroad in Florence, Italy

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ALISON: Transforming Global Online Learning

Published on 28 Oct 2013

2013 WISE Awards winner ALISON is transforming global online learning through its free interactive multimedia basic education and workplace skills training courses with certification. ALISON is a for-profit social enterprise and one of the world's most popular free learning websites providing over 500 courses to two million registered learners across every country. 

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Management Class Online Learning

What is Online Learning 1

Published on 23 Sep 2013

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Alison Pre-university Certificates and Diploma Courses

Published on 5 Feb 2013

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Starting a new course can be daunting as we can often doubt our ability and skills in learning. Fortunately, learning can be improved by the development of new personal study skills and practices. This free online course gives you the opportunity to understand how to learn effectively, teaches the fundamental skills necessary to improve your learning and performance and helps you to achieve both academic and personal success. The topics covered include key skills in learning, good academic practise and how to find information. You will also focus on developing your reading and thinking skills which are vital in any course of study. This course is ideal for preparing prospective students for life as a student and for life-long learners working in businesses and organisations.

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The Modern Student Infographic shows how the modern student is shaped by ubiquitous access to mobile, connected, personal technology, explores the rise of BYOD and presents its advantages suggesting that paradigm shifts in education are required.


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