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Study in Cyprus

About Studying in Cyprus

The third largest island in the Mediterranean, "Aphrodite's" Cyprus offers days of sunshine, Championship Golf courses, inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountain trails.

Global Semesters Study at University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Study abroad in Cyprus at the University of Nicosia with Global Semesters. Prospective students can choose between a full semester direct enrollment into the university, or...

Global Semesters Summer Program at University of Nicosia

Spend next summer with Global Semesters in Cyprus at the University of Nicosia. There are many study options to choose from at the university. The direct enrollment option...

Travel throughout Europe with Global Semesters

Join us on our Semester in Europe program! Students can choose from art, business, international relations or elective courses and take 12-15 credits. Students have...

Study in Cyprus with Global Semesters!

The Semester in Cyprus is an amazing program where students have over 300 courses taught in English to choose from and will travel to the major cities in Cyprus! Check out...

Why Study Abroad in Cyprus? – About Cyprus

Cyprus is a country on the Mediterranean Islands and it is the Largest in the region, with a population of about 1.1million people, the major spoken language is Greek and it is a member state of the European Union. Although Greek is the most commonly spoken language, majority of the young adults and teens speak English as lectures are being taught in English and Greek.

The international dimension of education is important in Cyprus where international students receive quality education in a safe, friendly environment at an affordable cost. They, in turn, enrich the educational experience of our own students and bring an international dimension to our culture. Lifelong friendships and networks are formed between Cypriot and overseas students which later enhance the cultural and trade relationships between our countries. Cyprus can offer Higher Education of high quality standards and is able to facilitate students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in a contemporary global marketplace. Pleasant Mediterranean climate and picturesque sandy beaches can only add to this once-in-a-lifetime experience of being a student in Cyprus.

List of Universities in Cyprus

Published on 24 Mar 2014

Interested in studying abroad in Cyprus? Check out this student story!

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Cost of Tuition in Cyprus

Estimated Undergraduate Tuition:  Between €2800 – €7200.
Estimated Postgraduate Tuition:  Between €5500 – €12800.

N.B: Scholarships are available for applicants who qualify. Scholarship ranges from 25%-75%

Imperial Educational Services is the Official Nigerian Study Abroad Representative to the University of Nicosia which is the largest independent institution of higher education in Cyprus.

Located in the nation’s capital, the University of Nicosia is a global educational centre with 20% of its 5,000 students coming from abroad, representing over 60 different countries in a multicultural learning environment that promotes friendship, cooperation and understanding.

With instruction in English and an emphasis on critical thinking and lifelong learning skills, the University of Nicosia’s diverse range of academic programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level prepare students for leadership roles in the private and public sectors.

ALISON: Transforming Global Online Learning

Published on 28 Oct 2013

2013 WISE Awards winner ALISON is transforming global online learning through its free interactive multimedia basic education and workplace skills training courses with certification. ALISON is a for-profit social enterprise and one of the world's most popular free learning websites providing over 500 courses to two million registered learners across every country. 

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World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is an international, multi-sectoral and action-oriented platform for innovation in education that connects innovators, nurtures new ideas, and recognizes and supports successful initiatives that are helping revitalize education.

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Management Class Online Learning

What is Online Learning 1

Published on 23 Sep 2013

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Alison Pre-university Certificates and Diploma Courses

Published on 5 Feb 2013

Start the full free online course at:

All of ALISON's 500+ free online courses can be found at:

Starting a new course can be daunting as we can often doubt our ability and skills in learning. Fortunately, learning can be improved by the development of new personal study skills and practices. This free online course gives you the opportunity to understand how to learn effectively, teaches the fundamental skills necessary to improve your learning and performance and helps you to achieve both academic and personal success. The topics covered include key skills in learning, good academic practise and how to find information. You will also focus on developing your reading and thinking skills which are vital in any course of study. This course is ideal for preparing prospective students for life as a student and for life-long learners working in businesses and organisations.

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What You Should Know About MOOCs Infographic

According to the 2013 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College & University Presidents conducted by Gallup, only 14% of presidents strongly agree that Massive Open Online Courses have “great potential to make a positive impact” on higher education.

With all the concerns and buzz about Massive Open Online Courses, Hanover Research commissioned a report on the state of online higher education today.



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