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Published on Jun 17, 2014

IE Award - Final Edit!
Comparing the two education systems, local schools and internation schools, in Hong Kong.

Top Universities in Hong Kong

HKU Global Lounge

Celebrated for its fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, traditional elements and modern competitiveness, Hong Kong has established itself as one of Asia’s dominant economic powers – and is also emerging as one of the region’s leading study destinations. With three universities in Hong Kong ranked within the global top 50 and another three in the top 300, this dynamic and diverse city-state boasts one of the world’s most impressive concentrations of internationally ranked institutions – a significant factor behind its inclusion among the world’s top 10 cities for students.

Here, traditional Chinese culture and architecture exist alongside an iconic skyline of modern skyscrapers, visible reminders of Hong Kong’s status as a world-leading hub for commerce, finance, trade and logistics. Hong Kong also harbors ambitions of becoming a regional, and indeed global, hub for higher education, and is investing in schemes aimed at increasing international student enrolments, diversifying the tertiary sector and nurturing its already strong culture of research and innovation.

Many universities in Hong Kong already boast the kind of reputation needed to attract students and scholars from around the world. This combines with the various attractions of life in Hong Kong – a multicultural and outward-looking society offering some of the most diversified experiences you could hope to access in such a compact space – and the wide use of English both within higher education and in daily interactions, to make Hong Kong an appealing choice for many prospective students seeking a relatively accessible Asian destination. That said, anyone planning to study in Hong Kong should definitely allow for a period of transition; life in this fast-paced, action-packed metropolis is likely to feel like something of a whirlwind experience to begin with.

University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Education: MEd Higher Education Program - Alumni Reflection

Published on Dec 15, 2012

Roy Y. Chan [11'] of the Division of Policy, Administration, & Social Sciences Education discuss and reflects upon his experience studying and completing the MEd Higher Education Programme at the Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong. 

Roy is a currently Ph.D. student in the Higher Education Administration program at Boston College - Lynch School of Education, where he serves as a Research Assistant in the Center for International Higher Education(CIHE). Roy's primary research interests include world-class universities, academic rankings, student mobility, student outcomes, and cross-boarder higher education in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific.

This spring, Roy will be one of the five recipients to receive the prestigious '2013 Graduate Scholar Award' from the Common Ground Publishing.


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Universities in Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Admission Rate: 12.5%
Class size: 55
Term: 14 months
Annual tuition: $41,900
Average staring salary for graduates: $70,000

The city's oldest institution of higher learning, the University of Hong Kong (known locally as Hong Kong U) celebrates its centennial year in 2010, but its business school dates back only to 1995. It has an Executive MBA program that it offers with Columbia University Business School and the London School of Economics.

There are 17 degree-awarding higher education institutions in Hong Kong, of which eight are publicly funded. All eight public universities in Hong Kong use English as the medium of instruction for the majority of courses, and all are well-known and respected well beyond the locality.

In the 2013/14 QS World University Rankings®, Hong Kong’s highest entry is the University of Hong Kong, ranked 26th in the world. Not far behind are the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 34th place and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 39th. The City University of Hong Kong places just outside the global top 100, while the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is also within the top 300, and Lingnan Universityamong the top 600.

Looking at the QS World University Rankings by Subject, it’s clear that engineering and technology is a particularly strong area for many universities in Hong Kong. In the 2014 edition, the University of Hong Kong is ranked 10th in the world for civil engineering, while HKUST places 11th for both electrical engineering and computer science. However, Hong Kong’s universities also boast fields of excellence across a very broad subject spectrum. The Chinese University of Hong Kong is ranked 11th in the world for modern languages, for example, while the University of Hong Kong comes 16th for education and also for politics and international studies. Overall, the city claims at least one entry within the global top 50 for almost all 30 of the subject areas covered.

Find the top universities in Hong Kong for your subject >

List of higher education institutions in Hong Kong

Record High in Scholarships for HKIEd Students (The Hong Kong Institute of Education)

The following is a list of higher education institutions in Hong Kong, under Hong Kong law. See Higher education in Hong Kong.

Only the first three categories (UGC Funded InstitutionsSelf-Funded Institutions and Public Institutions, except Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education) are eligible to award Bachelor's Degree or above in Hong Kong . .

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2 UGC Funded Institutions

3 Self-Funded Institutions

4 Public Institutions

5 Sub-Degree institutions

6 Other universities

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Video Tour of Alison: Free Certified Learning

Published on Jun 4, 2013

[This video presented by Mike Greer, The Best Free Training website: ]
This is a video tour of "Alison: A New World of Free Certified Learning." Alison is simply amazing! It provides 500 free courses, 60 million free lessons, over 4 million hours of study, as well as diplomas, certifications, teacher/supervisor tracking tools, and more. 

From the website: "ALISON is the world's leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills. ALISON provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning.... The mission of ALISON is to enable anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive, self-paced multimedia. It is our belief that through ALISON, the cost of access to high-quality education can be removed....Through the ALISON learning platform we can assist people around the world in educating themselves, thereby creating a more equitable and sustainable global society."
(For more reviews of great free training and education resources, visit The Best Free Training website, or watch the YouTube Tour here: ) -- Or visit Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING at

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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have opened new doors for free online learning that lends itself well to ICT-related subjects. Meanwhile, employers seek candidates with relevant web skills. The Supply and Demand of MOOCs Infographic shows what skills are most in demand and what MOOCs are available that teach those skills, based on the results of a study conducted by the European Commission.

Top skills employers are looking for:

  • Web and app design
  • Domain-specific skills
  • Programming languages
  • Android
  • iOS

Top skills students want to learn:

  • Web design
  • HTML5
  • Android
  • Javascript
  • CSS


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Applied Research in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Hong Kong. Simpson Poon

Published on Jun 10, 2014

Applied Research in Technical and Vocational Education and Training
in Hong Kong.

Simpson Poon. Vice President at Technological and Higher Education Institute- VTC.

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Vocational Education and Training

CILTHK Organisation Members

Published on Jul 28, 2013

Hong Kong Education, Working Environment and Community subject interview with Dr. DHIRAJ GURUNG, Software Engineer RESHAM KAFLE and F6 Student SUPRIYA GURUNG.For more click

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