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Published on Aug 31, 2013

A brief history of Australian schooling and education over the past two hundred years. 
How has it changed? 
Have we progressed for the better? 
How has the curriculum been impacted?
How has technology helped students?
All these questions will be explained and more in this brief history of the Australian Education System. 

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Universities and Colleges in Australia

A crucial time in higher education in Australia - Prof. Sandra Harding

Published on Sep 28, 2014

Chair of Universities Australia, Sandra Harding, says universities across Australia have a consensus position on higher education reform. She also says this is the most important time for higher education for the past thirty years.

Recorded at CEDA's Higher Education Review event held in Adelaide on Sept 24th, 2014.

At this event, CEDA welcomes Chair of Universities Australia, Professor Sandra Harding together with the three Vice Chancellors from SA's major universities to discuss the future of the Higher Education Industry.

CEDA -- the Committee for Economic Development of Australia -- is a respected independent national organisation with an engaged cross-sector membership. 

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Open Universities Australia (OUA) has turn into an more and more preferred possibility for college students wishing to complete their diploma off-campus.  You’ll find a lot of advantages of learning with OUA, having said that similar to other universities, there are some things that really should be regarded as ahead of enrolling.  Listed here are some of your positive aspects and disadvantages of completing your degree with OUA.

Positive Aspects

– It truly is uncomplicated to enroll.

You can enroll swiftly and quickly above the cellphone or on the web.  Just decide on your items, and enroll.  If you’re paying by PAYMENT-ASSIST, it is possible to arrange this online very.

– Fewer entry requirements.

For a lot of in the degrees, OUA offers an simpler entry pathway than other universities.  Whilst some software programs do call for a formal application, other degrees for example the Bachelor of Arts usually do not have any entry restrictions.  This can be wonderful for men and women who have not studied within a though, or who did not complete their formal training.

– Versatility.

If you start off your diploma after which decide to take on six months off, you can.  When you wish to analyze through the Xmas holidays, you are able to.  OUA presents the chance to begin a degree component way by way of the twelve months, without the need of getting to apply, wait around to acquire an offer you, and then wait around until the following yr to begin studying.

– Your degree is awarded as a result of a recognised college.

A great deal of college students be anxious that their certificates could have the OUA customized logo on it, or that their degree will never be a ‘appropriate’ degree. OUA students graduate via a recognised college and get the exact same certificates as on-campus, straight enrolled students.

– You’ll be able to quickly-track your degree.

For a lot of with the programs offered by OUA, the examine durations run back-to-back again, all season round.  This signifies that you’ll be able to analyze with no getting a break and complete your degree faster.  As an example, when you decide to review 3 subjects for each analyze period of time without getting a break, you could potentially finish off your diploma in two a long time as an alternative to three, or when you examine 4 models for each semester, you could possibly end a 3-yr diploma in 18 months.


– The cost.

Although numerous with the items are competitively priced, some units (for example the technology models) are far more costly than people available to individuals who protected a Commonwealth-Supported Area, straight by means of a college.  It really is a superb strategy to function out a tough estimate as to how much your degree will price altogether after which choose whether or not it is cheaper to implement for any Commonwealth-Supported Spot as an alternative.  Another expense that demands to generally be considered could be the price of an exam invigilator.  In the event you know an individual who’s suitably qualified, then they can be joyful to accomplish it at no cost, nonetheless specialized exam supervision expert services is often really expensive.

– Lack certainly data.

OUA are reportedly looking to strengthen the quality and amount of unit facts available, but with the moment a lot of with the unit descriptions, assessment information and e-book lists are rather brief.  It truly is a great thought to contact the OUA representative in the service provider university should you would like a lot more details relating to a specific unit, they are really usually very helpful.

– Inconsistency.

Unless you might be completing all of one’s items as a result of exactly the same supplier university, this may very well be an issue.  Each university incorporates a unique collection-up, with some offering all of your course articles on-line, whereas other folks deliver out a difficult copy of all training course supplies, and there exists no on-line interaction whatsoever.  Inconsistency amongst tutors and training course coordinators may be a difficulty, with some tutors providing on-line tutorials once per week and replying to queries inside of 24 hours, and people providing minimal support and information.

– Complications in organizing forward.

OUA is consistently evolving, which is mirrored inside the altering availability of models and courses.  Unit availability for your following 12 months is not known till all-around November, and if you have not registered your degree, training course construction alterations can occur, which may disrupt research strategies.  Register earlier to ensure that you are able to total the diploma that you might have began!

General, OUA gives an awesome technique to complete a diploma, specifically in case you require flexibility, would like to rapidly-monitor, or just need to strive a few models for particular attention.  Like all distance education and learning suppliers, nevertheless, it truly is critical to contemplate whether this style of review is the perfect alternative in your way of living and desired goals.

Australian National University College Of Engineering
and Computer Science

College University

There are numerous colleges in Australia as they are used both as vocational education institutions and also as bridging institutions between grade schools and universities. This is a list of Australian TAFE colleges that has been sorted into states to make it easier to find a college that meets your requirements.

Click here to find an alphabetical List of Universities in Australia

Higher education top 50 most influential people 2014


Federal Minister for Education

There is little doubt that Christopher Pyne has been the most influential person in higher education in 2014. The year might have started off slowly. His long and convoluted speech on Robert Menzies and freedom at the Universities Australia conference had all but a few insiders scratching their heads.

His commissioned review of the demand-driven system came down fully in support of the deregulation of places. But when the May budget revealed a new agenda — radical, ruthless and reforming in equal parts — it blindsided pretty well everyone. Dumbstruck. Gobsmacked. And that is all that has been spoken about, and argued about, since.

One thing is for sure, it has put higher education on the front pages of newspapers and on the 6pm news. It’s mainstreamed discussions of higher education, but maybe not for the reasons Pyne would choose.

“I’ve certainly put higher education at the centre of the national debate,” he told the HES this week. “To me it’s a debate about the kind of universities we want to have in the future. It isn’t about fee deregulation. Deregulation is simply the prism through which the debate about the future of our universities can be had.”

He takes credit for winning over the usually unruly rabble of vice-chancellors (with the exception of one) to support deregulation, although some would say their support is heavily guarded with caveats.

Meanwhile, having lost round one of getting his reforms passed by the Senate, Pyne is gearing up for round two. “We still have plenty of time,” he says. “The reforms don’t kick off until January 1, 2016.”

While all the “white noise” of $100,000 degrees and a lifetime of student debt raged on, Pyne’s wife Carolyn was quietly completing her arts degree at the University of Adelaide (and is now enrolled in a graduate diploma in fine arts). But he didn’t go to her graduation, nor was he invited (by Carolyn) because his presence would more than likely have triggered student protests.

“I offered to come as Cyrano de Bergerac if she thought that would be a successful disguise but she didn’t think it would be terribly funny. She didn’t even tell me what day it was on — because she knew if she told me I would try and sneak in the back door of Bonython hall — which I’ve been through before.”

Carolyn, he says, has provided balance and insight.

“She’s been deeply engaged in talking to me about what she and other students think about deregulation at Adelaide University and whether I’m doing the right or wrong thing. She’s a very important sounding board.”

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Video Tour of Alison: Free Certified Learning

Published on Jun 4, 2013

[This video presented by Mike Greer, The Best Free Training website: ]
This is a video tour of "Alison: A New World of Free Certified Learning." Alison is simply amazing! It provides 500 free courses, 60 million free lessons, over 4 million hours of study, as well as diplomas, certifications, teacher/supervisor tracking tools, and more. 

From the website: "ALISON is the world's leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills. ALISON provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning.... The mission of ALISON is to enable anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive, self-paced multimedia. It is our belief that through ALISON, the cost of access to high-quality education can be removed....Through the ALISON learning platform we can assist people around the world in educating themselves, thereby creating a more equitable and sustainable global society."
(For more reviews of great free training and education resources, visit The Best Free Training website, or watch the YouTube Tour here: ) -- Or visit Mike Greer's WORTH SHARING at

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MOOCs Supply and Demand

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have opened new doors for free online learning that lends itself well to ICT-related subjects. Meanwhile, employers seek candidates with relevant web skills. The Supply and Demand of MOOCs Infographic shows what skills are most in demand and what MOOCs are available that teach those skills, based on the results of a study conducted by the European Commission.

Top skills employers are looking for:

  • Web and app design
  • Domain-specific skills
  • Programming languages
  • Android
  • iOS

Top skills students want to learn:

  • Web design
  • HTML5
  • Android
  • Javascript
  • CSS


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Vocational Education and Training in Australia

The Smart Choice for Vocational Education & Training

    Queensland is China’s closest Australian state, with international airports at Cairns on the north-east coastline and Brisbane in the 
    south-east corner of the state.

    A relaxed lifestyle, high standard of living, a spirit of innovation, and warm and friendly people make Queensland one of Australia’s most attractive places to live, work and study.

    Queensland offers a safe, multicultural society within a politically stable and economically strong environment. In 2009, the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook ranked Australia’s economy third in the world as ‘resilient to economic cycles’.

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    Rules of Evidence - Valid - Vocational Education and Training Australia

    Published on Sep 17, 2014

    Rules of Evidence - Sufficient - Vocational Education and Training Australia 

    How do I know if the evidence I have collected is valid?
    What proves validity?

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